Weird Wednesday…

Well… that was a strange one!

The day job dictated me not getting to the venue until just after 17.30. This has been the perfect time to flyer recently but today felt a bit different.

Things weren’t helped by the sign for the venue having been removed from the entry of the close… this sign had been great in getting people to come down and check out the venue. A makeshift was made late on but it was too late and the damage had been done.

Today I managed my lowest ever audience for a solo show: seven. Yes, seven. (Edit: it was really eight but one woman [and her dog] left halfway through).

As audiences go, they were actually really good – they laughed in all the right places and all seemed to actually get me. Sadly they didn’t seem to get the importance of the bucket: grim.

I hung around at the venue after and wrote some stuff that I was going to perform at Trigger Warning at 22.15. This meant that finally I had the chance to see the ‘Church of Phil’ show. I found it to be wonderfully bonkers although most of the audience seemed to have watched this one sail right over their heads. Oh, don’t worry Polly, I know your gay-conversion joke was just that (some people need to lighten up!).

So on to Trigger Warning! I have to admit that I’ve been really looking forward to this! It was a bit of a throwback to the stand up I used to perform years ago… you know, smutty! The idea of the show is to perform 5-minutes of clean material, followed by 5-minutes of dirty material later on. As predicted, I found it trickier to find five minutes of clean, although at least I managed the whole set without swearing!

The second part was dirty (as in: proper dirty). A small but wonderfully warm audience totally got behind everyone who performed! This was the very essence of quality over quantity!

Two shows tomorrow, which starts with my final appearance on ‘AComedyTapas’ for this year.

Three solo shows left. I got this.

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