The end is nigh

Tonight marked the penultimate performance of ‘Heroic Failure’ at this year’s Fringe.

A downpour in the hour running up to the show really threatened to derail things! The Mile was quiet as a result, which meant flyering was particularly challenging. Not to be beaten, I enlisted to help of my partner, who did his best to ensure I had an audience to perform to.

It worked! The room was full (well, a couple of seats short but let’s not split hairs!). An eclectic audience but also the most international one I’ve had this year: Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Czechia, US, India, Scottish English but no Welsh (we all know they don’t exist!).

It was a bit of a mixed one really, some of the big jokes failed to land yet some of the minor ones garnered a much bigger reaction! Ahhh, the randomness of the Fringe!

A decent enough bucket collection and one that leaves me in a great position going into the final day of the run. Jeez, I can’t believe that the end is now clearly in sight…

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