One step closer…

The end of this year’s run is drawing in as today marked the first of the last five shows.

Miraculously I made it to the Mile for just after half five, which considering it took me almost an hour to get home from the day job, is pretty impressive!

It felt like I’d get a good crowd today, albeit probably not the mix that I’d desire. The room was full, every seat taken (we had to add extras), but it did feel like half the audience would probably be better suited at a different show!

A strange one… the show itself was good, I didn’t feel it went badly… I ended up having to start slightly late due to latecomers but I made it there in the end.

Afterwards I had to make a quick trip up the Mile to open for Davy Mitchell’s ‘Irony?’ show at Riddler’s Court. Despite there being as many comedians there as audience members, like the pro I am, I went ahead and opened. Okay, it was more like an informal chat but enjoyable all the same.

I didn’t get to stay due to having a commitment elsewhere which actually ended up being cancelled at the last minute! The joys!

Final quartet of shows for this year’s Fringe start tomorrow! Let’s do this!

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