Closing in…

The end draws ever closer as I approach the final six shows of this year.

I spent the day at the day job feeling incredibly tired. I think The Fringe is finally catching up with me!

After being delayed due to the erratic Lothian Buses due times, I didn’t make it to the venue until 17.40. The Mile was still busy and I was able to grab a fair few people and direct them down towards my venue!

When I finally got down there, I spent ten minutes with Stuart (our bar manager) in trying to get the sound set up to work. I ended up having to perform the show out of just the one speaker!

It was a strange gig. The room was very nearly full but it did feel like half of the personnel were definitely not a crowd suited to my material – yes, that certainly includes you, foldy-armed man in the third row!!

A lot of the material didn’t land, so I rattled through the show in 55-minutes. The bucket collection reflected the crowd’s own performance.

The evening didn’t end there though, we still had to flyer for our 22.15 showcase show, featuring five of the other acts from the venue.

Myself, Jeroen and Deepu did a great job of flyering the crowds on the Mile and we ended up a room that was a few seats short of full! Not bad for a show that we only decided to do in the middle of last week!

The crowd seemed suitably entertained: Jeroen’s weird humour didn’t by-pass them; Bill’s cheeky Aussie charm was working wonders; they were totally onboard with Ian Crawford (Jimmy Frinton)’s hilarious cutlery H&S inspector; Church of Phil were wonderfully absurd; and Deepu made sure we ended the night on a high with a top set to close things! We made an okay bucket – all to be donated to PBH in the final count.

Last five starts tomorrow!

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