Into the home straight…

A wet Sunday here in the capital but surprisingly the streets were far from being empty.

I started the day with a third appearance at Chris O’Neill’s’ ‘AComedyTapas’. Chris seems to have this wonderful ability to get an audience in, so it’s always fun to play here. I think some in the crowd must have been suffering from the effects of the night before because it took them a while to react to each of the comics they were faced with!

My set seemed to go down well – one woman declared that she “loved it!” as I was exit-flyering.

I headed over to the venue to collect a pile of Wee Blue Books, which were duly handed out on the Mile (each adorned with one of my own flyers).

Flyering for my show went well today – the excessive amounts of coffee that I had consumed was definitely helping.

I was presented with a room that fell four seats short of being full – for a Sunday, I’ll take that! And what a lovely crowd they were! They all laughed at the right bits and made the hour fly by!

It was also nice to see some familiar faces in the room, all of which seemed to be really enjoying the show!

I’m already starting to feel sad that there are just six shows left to go… this show has been such a huge part of my life for the past six months that when it finally finishes it will feel strange for it not to be there… I guess that’s just a reason to get on with writing the next one!

On we go to day 17 tomorrow!

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