Super Saturday strikes again!

Day 15 of my Fringe run and the busy day that was anticipated certainly came true!

Having not managed to get to sleep until after 04.00, I managed just over five hours of rest before consciousness took over me once again!

The city certainly looked busy as I headed up to the venue just before 17.00. Jeroen’s show before me was so busy that he started the performance ahead of schedule!

I spent some time out on ‘the Mile flyering – Polly from ‘Church of Phil’ offering her assistance. We could see plenty of people wandering down the Close, so it was no surprise when I finally got down there to see a big crowd had already formed!

I set up the room around 17.10 and told people to start ushering themselves in (after all, I only have a mic to set up!).

The room was full around ten minutes later, standing room only. In fact, we ended up turning away more people that we actually had in the room! Absolutely crazy!!

The show itself was great fun! Lots of big laughers in the room. A few hecklers dealt with in my usual manner – the straight guy at the front went pretty quiet once I threatened to sit on his face!!

Despite the room being super hot, the crowd persisted and stayed with me right up to the end – the laughter that consumed to room had made my brain forget all about my lack of sleep! Laughter really is the best medicine!

It was lovely to see some familiar faces in the room, including the wonderfully talented Michaela Hunter – watch her, she’s going places.

A couple of celebratory beers with ‘the boss’ (as in, the partner, not Bruce Springsteen) after the show was just what I needed!

I’m pretty sure I should be feeling this a lot more – some call this a “slog” but I am genuinely enjoying every single performance. Just seven to go now and that might be the last we see of the ‘Heroic Failure’ show…

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