Day 14: busy, busy!

Ahhhh… day 14 and one of the busiest days of my Fringe.

Back to the day job again today albeit only until lunchtime when I would be free from the shackles of guaranteed paid work and into the clutches of the Free Fringe once again.

Having arrived at the venue sometime before 16.00, I spent some time handing out the Wee Blue Book (adorned with all acts at our venue’s flyers [that were available]) on the Royal Mile – 50 copies in under an 45-minutes!

Only as I was leaving there did I realise that I’d managed to miss out on an LGBT interview that I was supposed to attend at 16.00. I’m still not quite sure how I managed to forget to put this in my diary. The fact I also managed to miss a comedy coffee date at 15.00 too pretty much summed up where my head has been at right now!

I then headed down to Fireside for my second appearance at Matt Duwell’s ‘Stand Up: Edinburgh’. A quick ‘greatest hits’ set followed before heading back up ‘the Mile’ to flyer for my own show!

Not quite capacity but still a 24-strong crowd. Things weren’t helped by the microphone packing in during the opening 5-minutes of my show. So I was forced to perform unamplified! This may have helped the audience hear but definitely not my voice in the short & long-term.

Amongst the audience we had some really big laughs. The gentleman on the front row is welcome back whenever he wants!!!

Post-show I nipped back home to the kids for a while before heading out to Si├ón Davies’ fabulous ‘Comedy Queers’ show. I was given the task of closing the night and I did run over by five minutes but that was because I knew there wasn’t anything on at the back of this (I went on at 01.36 after all!).

A full room yet much less responsive audience to last time I played here two weeks ago. Pah, that’s just the joys of comedy.

Day 15 and my third Saturday tomorrow (well, by the time I’m writing this, TODAY!!).

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