Day 13… unlucky for some…

Day 13 of this year’s Fringe, which means I’m now into the final ten shows of the run!

Due to having to go to the day job and also Lothian Buses inability to run buses to a timetable (four minutes early – unheard of!!), I didn’t make it to the venue until just before 18.00.

A mad rush of flyering didn’t really offer a great deal as in the end I ended up with an audience of 13 (for show 13…).

Some big laughers in the room but also a couple of “WTF is this fat poof doing talking to me” Americans (one of which voted Trump – even his wife was appalled by him).

The bucket was pretty good for the crowd – which also included Reuben, who finished his run last Friday (a show I missed due to me believing it ran until 14th – DOH!).

Not content with my daily gigs, I will now be hosting a PBH Showcase on Monday night at the venue (with any bucket collections going to PBH).

I spent some time today after the show explaining to an audience member why I chose to do PBH (and not the paid venues that I was offered). They seemed to think that doing the Free Fringe was somehow lesser until I pointed out all the extra costs those paid venues entail. It’s also the community feel that the Free Fringe gives you – I’ve spent time flyering for other shows in our venue because I genuinely hope everyone has a big audience in the room.

I also encouraged her to try out more random acts, after all, I was a random act to her until she saw (and enjoyed!!) my show!

I really do hope it’s a manic Friday tomorrow!!

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